Achieving your goals can be a challenge, even if you set ones that are very clear and actionable. But there is one handy trick that can help you achieve your long-term goals, and it’s something you can do every day.  

Write down what you did each day to accomplish a particular goal.  

Here’s why it works.  

The Power of Writing It Down  

Writing things down improves retention and memory, and it solidifies the importance of an activity. The use of a journal where you track your progress toward achieving a goal (or several goals) will literally establish a record of your activities, document your actions, and give you something to look back on if you ever need to adjust your strategy. People who don’t write down their goals have less pressure to work to achieve them. In fact, in a recent Harvard study of students who did and did not write down their goals, there was a clear difference in salary for those who did and did not do this activity. People who don’t write down their goals tend to fail easier than the ones who have plans.  

Creating Accountability 

Just as when people attempt to change their lives for the better (through exercise or other health and wellness programs), having someone there with you can make all the difference. It’s about accountability as much as taking steps to actively get you from point a to point b. By writing down your goal and your movement toward (or away from) your goal, you are holding yourself accountable. You are keeping a record of your effort, and you are literally tracking your progress as you work toward the desired endpoint.  

Track Your Progress 

By writing down the actions you have taken to achieve a goal each and every day you are doing two very important things. First, you are reemphasizing the importance of the goal daily. You are remembering why it was important. You are rethinking how you will achieve it, and you are tracking your progress toward that endgame. If you track your progress, you have a better chance of doing the right things to get you to where you want to go. This can also help you identify areas where you may need to clarify your goal or the steps you will take to achieve it.  

Support Your Self 

Keeping a daily log of your activities also provides you with a chance to think about the things that happened during your day. In a journal, you can explore the emotions that are driving your activities and work through any blockers that you may be experiencing. Sometimes just getting things down on paper can help you process them easier and move on if necessary. You might be surprised what you learn about yourself by keeping a daily journal of your activities and your progress toward your goals, both for your career and for your personal life.  

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